CRESCENDO: Crescendo is a brilliant activity to showcase the power of "I Can!". Faced with a challenge to be able to pick up a violin and learn how to play a classical 16th century piece within 45-60 minutes is more about the audience than facilitation. Unless you truly believe, it’s unlikely you will be able to embrace this. The output is always super powerful and our facilitation technique helps to ensure that Crescendo is a winner every time.

HARMONICA SYMPHONY: One of the greatest percussion acts ever! Beatswork is an activity that portrays the spirit of harmony and the self motivation of “I Can!” Using various latin and samba percussion instruments, the group is transformed into a Brazilian Batucadaband. Everyone participates in this fun filled 75 minute musical opus for a final rendition that is truly jaw dropping.

BEATWORKS: One of the greatest percussion acts ever! Beatswork is an activity that portrays the spirit of harmony and the self motivation of “I Can!” Using various latin and samba percussion instruments, the group is transformed into a Brazilian Batucada band. Everyone participates in this fun filled 75 minute musical opus for a final rendition that is truly jaw dropping.

DRUM CIRCLE: Possibly the most versatile interactive entertainment act available. The drum circle is perfect for any setting irrespective of audience size, type, seating arrangement or time constraints. Our drum circle is all the more engaging as we are able to weave in your organizational goals and messages into the high energy and entertaining session.


BIG PICTURE: A great activity to create a custom backdrop / event backdrop for the team. In this activity, each team of 6-7 people receives two canvases. One blank and one pre-sketched. The teams know that all of this is part of a large picture but they have no clue how it will look or what it is. Teams will collaborate with others to complete the sketches (we provide all the material and guides for all stages). Once this is complete, teams will then proceed to get the paints they require to complete the canvases, match colors with neighboring canvases etc. Once the painting is completed, we have this put up in order on the backdrop / frame and reveal the final output. The audience goes through a truly "wow" and "ahhhh" moment. The company has the option to take this painting back to their offices for a proud display.

FLAT-OUT PYRAMID: Invigorate your team with an exciting analytical challenge, that will require collaboration and networking and constant communication. Working with just corrugated sheets, your teams will create 3 dimensional structures and then collaborate across the floor to piece together the various parts into a giant pyramidal structure. The final design can be enhanced with your branding to produce a great backdrop and make for a classic photo-op.

WALK THE TALK: It’s not just management jargon anymore. If you think you can coordinate and display perfect team coordination, you need to prove it. Perfect for any team that focuses on coordination, teamwork and communication. The teams will build giant puppets to be controlled by 5 people at the joints and limbs. Trying to coordinate the movements of this giant make for a great activity and a lot of fun while also understanding the complexity of simple tasks and how much of team work is required to do something that we easily take for granted. That’s not all, as each puppet has to be dressed up in the height of fashion and made to walk the ramp! Crystalline communication, switching leadership and efficient coordination will be the key ingredients to achieve success.

ACTUATOR: The actuator is a fully evolved and higher version ofour very popular Rube Goldberg Machine activity. Although on similar lines, the Actuator has been developed to foster problem solving, working towards deadlines and is a lot of fun. Resource management, team work and a huge sense of achievement makes this one of the best team building activities for project management groups. Collaboration is also a key take away from this activity as each individual machine is joined together at the end to make one long awe inspiring cause and effect machine. Additionally, the Actuator can be conducted either indoor or outdoor with no loss of experience making this a very versatile activity.


FLAT OUT RICKSHAW: The word “rickshaw” originates from Japanese, which when literally translated means “human-powered vehicle”. The experience of building, branding and racing their own hand pulled rickshaws will test the team’s ingenuity, creativity, analytical thinking and strategy. Working only with cardboard and cutters, teams divide roles, communicate, bond and piece together a sturdy rickshaw that is race ready. The grand finale is a high energy, adrenaline pumping race to the finish.

FLAT-OUT CHARIOT: Transport your team to the medieval ages and the chariots of fire. In this activity, teams will construct a human pulled chariot that will take one passenger. Decorate your chariot, dress up and drive out the competition in a race. The teams, in addition to the chariots, can create medieval armor, weapons and war costumes. The armor and costumes are made using a great new style utilizing clear tape and cling wrap. Teams will make armor, helmets, weapons etc just using this material.

WALK THE AFLOAT: This activity reinforces the belief of teams. To consider that you can build a boat out of cardboard and have two of your team mates race down a pool or water body in it takes more than just the spirit of teams but also the faith in each other to achieve what seems almost un-doable. A great adventure activity that brings out all the elements of effective teams.


BEAN AROUND THE WORLD: A coffee trading game that is fast paced, and highly thought provoking. Teams have to focus on collaboration, customer satisfaction and changing market dynamics to address competitive strategy and planning. Bean around the world is a one of its kind activity that keeps teams aware of issues when dealing with ever changing trends and the constraints that they are faced with. Additionally, planning for long term rewards in exchange of short term gains help to make this a fantastic business simulation.

RIVER RUN: River runner is a unique activity that provides a great simulation of "indoor white water rafting" complete with iPads, Rafts, Life vests and paddle! A high energy indoor business game where each team is a rafting company facing the mental and physical challenges of keeping their customers satisfied by planning and leading a successful ‘first descent’ down one of the world’s great rivers. Success comes from achieving a balance between being the first to run the river, satisfying demanding clients, maintaining a good safety record and most importantly, showing a profit for your efforts.

TRADE WINDS: Armed with cutlasses, eye patches and pirate bandanas, this session creates a pirate frenzy environment. Teams are named after famous pirate ships and must trade several commodities that are in their possession as well as other commodities that are owned by other ships. 4 sessions of 12-20 minutes each are allotted for trading after which, teams earn rewards for various commodities after each session. The ship with the most amount of money and commodities at the end of the 4th session, wins!

NEED FOR SPEED: A time and motion study in miniature, a frenetic table based intervention that actively encourages participants to review and improve performance. Top Gear for the tabletop! This activity works great for teams to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses and improve processes.


AMAZING RACE: A four hour long adventure seeped in history, mystery and the fascinating locale of your event. This activity will bring out the Indiana Jones in every member of the organization, get them working with others in unconventional ways and leave them with a unique memory of an amazing shared experience. The activity generates a strong spirit of teamwork, competition and fun.

TWO TRIBES: As the name suggests, the participants are split into two tribes, red and blue. The activity starts with the tribes creating an identity for themselves with costumes, a flag, and a haka chant distinct from one another. Each of the carefully sequenced sporting challenges is designed to set the pulse racing, this healthy experience is all about integrity, focus, precision, inclusion and mutual respect. The unique format of Two Tribes creates a level playing field, introducing participants to traditional sports, which they may not otherwise experience. The games are from around the world - with Bocce from Italy, Cherokee from USA, Sepak Takraw from Malaysia, Caber Ring from Medieval England and more!

FORMULA FUN: Formula 1 racing has always been linked to high performance and teamwork. Our version is no different - It’s a high energy activity requiring the highest level of teamwork to build, custom brand, test, qualify and race our pedaled karts to a podium finish. With key benefits like project management, planning, enhancing competitive spirit and ultimately working together as a team, this activity takes between 120 minutes to 150 minutes.

GO TEAM: Go Team is a high tech and engaging team adventure using tablets. This activity can be conducted anywhere in the world (where we can get data connectivity) and can be a perfect way to mix team building, competition, custom content, messaging, branding and an opportunity for sightseeing of exotic locales. The map overlay, the on demand tasks and the ability to code this proprietary game such that clues only show up when your team reaches the specific location makes this a fantastic activity for any team at any location.