" Our extensive experience, creativity & contacts ensure that your event operated to the highest standards".

Teamwork is as important as innovation when planning an event to ensure that the clients enjoy the best possible corporate event.

Mantra is a progressive company which provides innovative thinking, expertise and dynamism that will make your event a truly unique and highly memorable experience.

We believe the design, choreography and execution of an event constitute a gracious, and often times, strategic message on the client's behalf.

Whether you are planning an elegant, themed or an intimate event, our talented and highly creative team provides the highest standards of personal service and professionalism that will ensure the success of your event.

Because of its dominant position in the entertainment industry, Mantra enjoys close relationships with many artists and performers across platforms and has personal access to managers, agents, and handlers. These connections are a major point of difference between the company and other artist management firms. Mantra's diverse artist portfolio boasts of well known Bollywood actors, sports stars, musicians, writers, directors, fashion designers, established celebrities and promising newcomers.At Mantra we believe that just like each celebrity has a unique quality and identity, so does each brand and product. This is the connection we try to establish through our endorsements and artist placements. Our celebrity management team keeps an update on the market appeal, popularity and commercial value of each artist, finding the perfect fit for a brand as well as for the celebrity. We work closely with our clients to determine the best-suited celebrity needed to reach a target market, taking various factors into consideration such as budget, campaign goals and reach.